Art and Customs

Art and Customs

IconТам де небо відкрите... - Ручна вишивка. Poetry of Bohdan Pastukh and religious hand embroidery of Marta Kulynich Novytska.
Lviv, 2007. Text in Ukrainian.

IconРоман Пилип
"Художня вишивка українців Закарпаття IX - першої пол. XX ст.".
Uzhorod, 2012. {in Ukrainian}
[ 20 Mb, partial ]

Icon"Народний Одяг Лемків Закарпаття"
Особливості традиційного народного вбрання XIX - першой половини XX ст.
Видавництво Олександри Оркуші - Uzhorod, 2012. {in Ukrainian}
[ 5 Mb, partial ]

Icon Luba Romaniv - Kyiv. - a champion of Lemko Easter egg. (in Ukrainian and English)

Icon Easter Eggs {Pysanky} with Hutsul patterns . - by Maria Monczak Kieleczawa (Wroclaw). {in Polish and German}

Icon Vasyl/Bill Jula's craftsmanship. Lemko folk costume reproductions.

Icon Woman's costume from Smilnik near Komancha , posed for us by my cousin, Lemkynia Gosia Hranyczny from Mississauga ON.

Icon Lemko costumes . - John & Emily Madzik collection.

Icon Різбяр родом зо села Ростайне . - Iван Мердак 2010 - Повернення

IconІван Мердак
"Різбяр родом зо села Ростайне - Iван Мердак 2010 - Повернення".
{in Ukrainian}

Icon White Aster of Love . - a collection of poems & cross-stitching by Iryna Senyk

Icon Description of the traditional Lemko Wedding ceremony.

Icon Photos from the past . - John & Emily Madzik collection.

Icon The John Madzik Collection of Rusyn Artifacts .

Icon Epifan Drowniak - "NIKIFOR" .

Icon The Lemkos in Lower Silesia: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow? - "Lemkowie na Dolnym Slasku" - An Exhibition.

Icon Translated excerpts from Istoria Lemkovyny by "Ioann F. Lemkyn"/Jan Polansky

IconMirror site of Seman and Vasil Madzelan's book "Lemkivshchyna v tvorchosty Vasila Madzelana".

Icon Why we use a white linen tablecloth on Christmas Eve.
Part of long maintained religious customs by the Lemko-Rusyns ,
around the world, by William Jula, Carnegie, PA (2007).

IconThe Time-Honored Wood - Carving of the Lemkos

IconNewly-renovated Lemko Museum in Stamford, CT Preserves Memories of Lemkivshchyna

IconChristmas in Zyndranowa. 2009-2010

Icon[Русь] - Українске Народознавство - Олена Лозко. Kyiv, 1995.
Text in Ukrainian.
[ 70 Mb ]
IconУкраинскый Костюм - Ukrainian Outfit. Postcards published in Kyiv, 1983.
Text in Russian, Ukrainian and English.
IconЛемківська Писанка - Фестіваль-2009 у Львові
- Lemko Easter Egg - Festival - 2009 in Lviv, UA
Prepared by Zenovia Shulha & Mariya Yanko,
"Сполом", Lviv, 2009.
Text in Ukrainian.
IconLemko Easter eggs
(Based on ancient traditions of the Lemko Region of Ukraine (sic!))
An article by Vasyl Jula in the Ukrainian newspaper "America" - Philadelphia, PA, Saturday, March 10, 2012


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