by father Jan Polansky
aka "Ioann F. Lemkyn"

Note from W. Maksimovich: The manuscript for this book predates WW II. "Ioann F. Lemkyn"/Father Jan Polansky, a Polish Lemko and the last head of the Lemko Apostolic Administration, espoused what are known as pan-Slavic or Russophile views, views that were especially strong in Lemkivshchyna while it was under the Habzburg rule. Father Polansky died in Poland in mid-1960's (?).
Throughout the English translation the word "rusky" was translated in the newspaper Karpatska Rus' as "Russian" and "Rus' " as "Russia". I feel that is not a faithful translation of these words as used in the original material. At the time of Kyiv Rus', there was no Russia but Principality of Moscovy, later known as Moscow Rus'. Russia is a relatively modern term. For ages the eastern Slavs comprised of Byelorussians, Russians and Ukrainians called themselves as "rusky lude/people". To translate "rusky" into English as "Russian" fails to convey that distinction. I would not translate MaloRus' as Little Russia but as MaloRus' or Little Rus'. Russian word for Russia is "Rossiya". This reminds me that the present day country of Belarus was labeled incorrectly in the West, until the downfall of the soviet empire, as White Russia, even though in Russian it was called Bielarus'.
[words that follow in brackets reflect how I would translate these terms].

Icon Part 1, Section 12 - Nationality

Icon Part 1, Section 13 - Language

Icon Part 1, Section 14 - Religion

Icon Part 1, Section 16 - Beliefs and Customs

Icon Part 2, Section 24 - Lemkovina under Austria

Icon Part 2, Section 25 - Galicia and Lemkovina under the Habsburg's Tyranny and Oppression

Icon Part 2, Section 26 - The Agrarian Question in Galicia.

IconPart 2, Section 27 - Emigration

Icon Part 2, Section 28 - The Political Atmosphere in the Austrian State Before the First World War.

Icon Part 2, Section 29 - Nationality Question and Ukrainian Separatism.

Icon Part 2, Section 30 - Culture in Lemkovina

Icon Part 3, Section 10 - The Battle of Gorlice.

Icon Part 3, Section 11 - The Time After World War I

Icon Part 3, Section 12 - Lemkos in Restoration (Senacyjna) Poland

Icon Part 3, Section 13 - Lemkos Under Slovakia

Icon Part 3, Section 14 - Socio-Political Relations In Transcarpathia

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Date Posted: February 24th, 1998
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