Lemko costumes - John & Emily Madzik collection.

The photos shown below were provided by John Madzik on May 19th, 2001. This is only a sample of what has been collected since 1958, and was taken by the family to Australia, where they emigrated from Poland in 1966, and then in 1969 to the United States, where they now reside.Feel free to copy and distribute them. Larger sizes/resolutions are available from me upon request.

Man's "Chuha" from Bortne, 1960.

Woman's "kierptsy", made in 1960.

Man's "Kholosni", 1960.
White and brown colors were common.

Man's "Hunia" (left) and a shirt, 1960.

Man's "Laibyk", also known
as "drushliak", from Bortne, 1960.

Man's "Laibyk" along with
a shirt "sorochka/koshela", 1960.

Woman's "Gorset" from Bortne, 1960.
correspondence is welcomed:
John & Emily Madzik
148 Sunset Drive
Ansonia CT 06401-1322

son Paul, Emily and John Madzik.
Photo taken in 1980.

John's photo collection.


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