The John Madzik Collection of Rusyn Artifacts

John Madzik, by avocation an anthropologist, is interested in the material culture of the Lemko-Rusyns. He was born in 1935 in the village of Bortne/Bartne, south of the city of Gorlice in the Beskid Niski area of Carpathian mountains (Southern Poland). He lived through WW II in his home village. In 1947 the whole population of the Lemko Region underwent a forced deportation to western Poland and he was sent, along with his family, to Wrocіaw Province. He returned to Bartne in 1958 and subsequently emigrated to Australia (1966-1969) and then to the USA (1969-present).
In the early 1960s he cooperated with the famous Polish anthropologist, Roman Reinfuss, in preparing the four volume work, "Nad Rzeka Ropa" [Along the Ropa River] and in 2002 together with Walter Maksimovich they published a 200 page book "Lemkivske Vesilia" [Lemko Wedding] (Nasha Zahoroda, Krynica, Poland).
Mr. Madzik looks for an opportunity to show his display, which can be customized, to any group of people where you will learn more about our Lemko/Rusyn heritage with emphasis on:
1. Architecture
2. Wooden churches, icons, stone crosses and road chapels, cemeteries
3. Religious and social life, national and church luminaries
4. Schooling
5. Rites and customs (birth, wedding, funeral)
6.Occupations (spinning threads from wool, flax)
7. Folk clothes
8. Art (painting, drawing, wood block printing, and woodcarving)
The display consists of original documents, photographs, reproductions of and original art.
Mr. Madzik requests that anyone having possession of interesting Carpatho-Rusyn artifacts contact him at:

John Madzik
148 Sunset Drive
Ansonia, CT 06401 USA
tel: 203-734-5929

Тематом выставки може быти:
1. история, культура і будовництво Лемків
2. іконоґрафя, духовеньство
3. Одяга [ноша]
4. про народних діячы
5. мальарство, рысункы.
6. камінни кресты, капличкы
7. церкви, цминтари
8. ризба в дереві
9. документы з рижных жерев
10. Весильны фотоґрафйі
11. шкильны традицйі
12. хрестины
13. похороны
14. куділь

Walter Maksimovich
730 Pennsylvania Avenue, Apt. 706
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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