Photos from the past - John & Emily Madzik collection

These photos were provided by John Madzik on May 19th, 2001. This is only a sample of his collection of 4,000 photos.Feel free to copy and distribute them. Larger sizes/resolutions are available from me upon request.

Yurko Kuzmich's family from Wolowec, 1940.

Yurko Sawczak with mom,
Wolowec, 1932.

Vasyl Gbur,
Bortne, 1932.

Maria Sosonka from Dosznycia,
county Jaslo, 1930.

Maria Staranka Trochanowski,
Slavko/Yaroslav Worobel, Milka Horbal Worobel.
Residents of Bortne, in Lisiec-Legnica, 1956.
correspondence is welcomed:
John & Emily Madzik
148 Sunset Drive
Ansonia CT 06401-1322


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