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Icon "Piosenki lemkowskie i ukrainskie - spiewnik". Contains lyrics/guitar cords/sheet music to popular Lemko and Ukrainian folk songs. [Polish and English versions]

Icon "Kruzhok" - Carpatho-Rusyn Ensemble of Cleveland. Contains lyrics to popular Lemko folk songs.

IconKyczera       from Legnica

Icon "Kychera" - Ensamble from the city of Legnica, Poland.

Icon "Lemkovyna" - Ensamble from the village of Bilianka.

Icon"Lemkovyna", "Kychera" and "Oslaviane" CD's are available for purchase

IconLemko folk songs

IconMIDI music for vocals

IconCD entitled "National and Ethnic Minorities along Polish eastern border"

Icon Ukrainian-American Fiddle & Dance Music, The First Recordings - [1926-1936]


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