IconNewspaper "Lemkowyna" published in Yonkers, NY up to 1975 by Stefan Kychura and Ivan Dokla
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Ґазетка "Лемковина" выдавана Стефаном Кычура і Іваном Докля в Yonker, NY до 1975 року - по іх вышмаріню з Лемко-Союза в 1971. [ 25 Mb ]
Протест правітельству Польшы - 30-та річниця лемківской народной трагедии, 1947-1977.

IconMirek Klinkowski's Collection - village of Bartne/Bortne, Lemkovyna/Lemkivshchyna.

Icon"Lemkowyna" from Bilanka during their 1987 concert in Yonkers, NY

IconJulia Doszna - "An Angel from the Gentle Land"   /   "Aniol z Krainy Lagodnosci"

Icon Documents/Photos from the "Kyczera" Archive in Legnica.     Courtesy of Jurzy Starzynski.

IconEnsemble "Kyczera"   from Legnica, PL goes to Mexico.

IconPelesz's French descendants from Jasionka, PL

IconLemko Park, Monroe, NY - 1970

IconLemko Park, Monroe, NY - 1974

IconLemko Park, Monroe, NY - 1985

Icon Pictures from Lisiec, near Legnica     Courtesy of Vanio Fesz.

Icon Photo album presented in 1984 by Janet Fuchyla, on behalf of Lemko-Soyuz.   Courtesy of Ivan Krasovskyj, Lviv, UA.       

Icon Archival Russian/Polish documents dealing with deportations of Lemkos to eastern Soviet Ukraine in 1945-46.   Courtesy of Petro Yasynchak , Luhansk, UA.       

IconJohn Madzik's Collection #1

IconJohn Madzik's Collection #2

Icon Polonna. Pictures and memoirs (in English) of Pelagia (Bodnyk) Lozyk, who emigrated to Canada in 1935.

IconTheodore Rudawsky's Collection. Linden, NJ

IconDocuments/Photos donated by sisters Sonia and Anna Szwahla,    Lemkos who until 1947 lived in Tylawa.

IconIvan Wasienko's Collection

Icon Maria Pregon Denega's collection. Ivano-Frankivsk    Wolowec, near Gorlice

IconZyndranowa, 1985. Dedication ceremony of a new Orthodox Church.     First new Orthodox shrine permitted to be built in Lemkovyna since 1945

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