ĄThese are photos from my mother. She was born in Plonna (Polonna), Poland in the Lemko region in 1928 (near Sanok). Her family (Lozyk) emigrated to Montreal in 1935. They were poor farmers and left to find a better life, which they did".

This is the only family picture my mother has of most of her family in Plonna before they emigrated to Canada. It was taken in about 1930 or 1931 in Plonna. The woman is my grandmother, Pelagia Lozyk (nee Bodnyk in Kozushne). She is about 38 at this time and is standing in the forest with four of her five children. From left to right, they are Mytro, Kateryna, Anna (my mother) and Petro. Her son Alex was working in the fields when the photographer came to the village and took the picture, so he isn't in it. Her husband, Andryj (my grandfather), was already living in Montreal making money to send for the family to emigrate in 1935 on the SS Pi≥sudski's maiden voyage.

A cultural group or class is shown, which was led by the local priest who was a Ukrainian sympathizer. This might have been a literature class, given they are holding a picture of Taras Shevchenko, a famous Ukrainian poet from the 19th century. My uncle Alex, identified in the picture, loved this poet and was also pro-Ukrainian. Polonna, circa 1934.

Residents of Polonna with a young, pro-Ukrainian priest (3), probably Volodymyr Dublanycja, b. 1904, ordained in 1934. (1) Mytro Lozyk, (2) Petro Lozyk.

Source: Gail Philbin, Canada
E-mail: gailphilbin@att.net         First chapter of my mother's memoirs, which deals with her memories of Polonna.

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