Roots, In Search of...

IconGenealogy Primer - a must reading for everyone who's wondering "Where do I start?"

IconAddresses for Archives in Western Ukraine and South-Eastern Poland         by Elaine Kalynchuk and Sonia Tkachuk van Heerden

IconDictionary of Lemko Surnames         by Ivan Krasowskii of Lviv

IconDigging into Lemko Family History from the United States         by Michael Buryk.        2004

IconIndex of Localities of the Eparchy of Peremyshl

Icon Index - Localities formerly inhabited by Lemkos until 1945, in present day south-eastern Poland

Icon Index - Localities of Ukraine

IconVital and Marriage Records fromGreek Catholic and Orthodox Parishes in former Austrian Galicia, former Malo Rus, Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus (former Byelorussia)

IconHistorical Shematism of the Eparchy of Peremyshl, including THE APOSTOLIC ADMINISTRATION OF LEMKIVSHCHYNA (1828-1939)

IconFrank Romanick, Capt. US Navy (ret) -     "Are You My Relatives?"

IconGreg   Leck in Poland, (1992)


Icon My meetings with the Carpathian bear.         by Andrzej Piela

IconPROCYK, Dimitri Pavlovich     "The Story of Myself, by Myself.

Icon Sanok - Skansen,    Ethnographic Park, (Museum of Folk Building)

Icon   Travel Guide,     to current south-eastern Poland

Icon   HalGal,    gateway to vital records from the pre-1918 Austrian Empire region of Poland known as Galicia

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