(Reproduced with permission of the book's author, Frank Romanick , Captain U.S. Navy (Retired))

Two-book project results in pictorial family history

Frank Romanick and his wife from Canon City, started writing two books, intending to publish them on their 50th and 51st wedding anniversaries.
However, Frances died of colon cancer Sept. 17, 1994 and Frank went ahead with the two-book Project as he had promised Frances he would.

Book one "The Romanick Book of Remembrance," was published on their 51st anniversary, December 23, 1995. It has 450 pages, 700 photos and features of the story of their 50 years of marriage, from the Depression through the war years to community service in Canon City.

Book two, "Are You My Relatives?" was published on their 52nd anniversary, Dec. 23, 1996. It has 500 pages, 950 photos and biographies of 58 families that are linked to Frank and Frances Romanick.

The 58 family members prepared their own narratives of experiences and memories of events: drew the family charts and submitted photos of family members, places where they lived and events in their lives.

February 17, 1997



The origin of this book began in a most interesting way. My wife Frances started to write the Romanick Book, "Are You My Relatives".

It was her idea to connect the 58 Families into a printed record with each having their own chapter. Each family would have a story to tell which includes thoughts and other materials, ambitions and their attitudes toward life.

Frances has seen too many faded, fragile, torn, old Family Bible Records to consider them durable. A printed book available to all seemed to be the only permanent solution.

However, Frances died of colon cancer on September 17, 1994 and was laid to rest on September 21, 1994 at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver, Colorado.

Then Frank went ahead and continued with the Book as he had promised Frances he would and now this 460-page book has been published on December 23, 1996 which would have been their 52nd Wedding Anniversary.

In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to learn of our heritage. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning, no matter what our attainment in life. There is still an emptiness and longing for family connections.

Therefore, this book is presented with the ardent hope that it will serve well to bring our widely separated families closer in mind and spirit. Then the drama of being connected will be on display and our family histories will shine through page after page.

The response time of all 58 families was tremendous. It has been only 4 1/2 months from the first call on April 15, 1996 to the printers on September 1, 1996.

A total of 460 pages of Family Unit Charts, narratives and photographs were submitted and published.

"We shape our lives not by what we carry with us, but what we leave behind." author anonymous



Chapter Page
1. Are You My Relatives? 1
2. Biographical Sketch of Romanick Family 2
3. Biographical Sketch of Symochko Family 13
4. Biographical Sketch of Kleine Family 21
5. Biographical Sketch of Curtis Family 54
Personal Histories and Memories of the Descendants of the Romanick Family
6. Anastasia and Joseph Wimmer 61
7. Barbara and Charles Garbinski 68
8. Irene and Dr. Demetri Ellis 72
9. John Romanick 76
10. Capt. Frank and Frances Romanick 80
11. Suzanne Lainson 109
12. Mary Romanick 118
13. Joseph Romanick 123
14. Ann and Philip Drago 126
15. Ellie and Charles Fitz-Randolph 134
16. Joseph and Nancy Drago 141
17. Olga and Simon Fusiak 154
18. George Romanick and Wilma Cummings 160
19. Harold and Bessie Romanick 167
20. 171
Personal Histories and Memories of the Descendants of the Symochko Family
21. Mary and Rudy Freudig 182
22. Peter and Rozalia Symoczko from Poland 187
23. 191
24. Marko Symochko 201
25. Melania Symoczko from Poland 203
26. Michael and Natalia Symochko 205
27. John and Stefan Symoczko 209
28. Helen and John Zanowiak 213
29. Peter and Helen Symoczko 219
30. John and Lydia Ryzyk 228
31. Mark and Elizabeth Ryzyk 230
32. Rev. Wladyslaw Kaniuk from Poland 233
33. Anna and Bill Barna 235
Personal Histories and Memories of the Descendants of the Kleine Family
34. Maudie and Ronald Wilson 238
35. Harry Walter and Margaret Kleine 246
36. John Oliver and Diane Kleine 251
37. Bill and Vera Kleine 258
38. Larry and Anne Kleine 263
39. Linda and John Herrick 268
40. Albert and Florence Kleine 273
41. Bernard and Katherine Kleine 285
42. Rev. Larry and Deborah Knigga 290
Personal Histories and Memories of the Descendants of the Curtis Family
43. Bobbie and Eleanor Curtis 293
44. Henry and Florence (Curtis) Culbertson 301
45. Blossom Mae Markowski 308
46. Harold and Nellie Ong 321
47. Ruby and Earl Spicer 330
48. Margaret and Robert Kulhanek 338
49. Helen and Martin Shaffer 341
50. Charolette Felton 350
51. Vance and Judy Curtis 359
52. Violet Martin 363
53. Lena Marie and Carl Kunze 368
54. Lois Louise and Ernest Chedester 374
55. Lyle and Emmett Doyal 388
56. Dorothy Lee and Bill Zelmer Zordel 393
57. Ronald Glen and Alice Elizabeth Curtis 402
58. Bennie Eldon and Julia Curtis 408
59. Shirley and Edward Downing  413
60. Margaret and Billy Bob Deatherage 421
61. John and Velma Ong 430
62. Leota and Lonnie Kyle 436
63. Mary and Howard Pedersen 440
  Letters of Appreciation 446
Listing of Names 456

This book is available in hardcover for $20 from Lou Bradshaw as of 9/2010
Frank Romanick, has passed away since this page was written in 2002.

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