P I D       O B L A C H K O M

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"Pid Oblachkom", consisting of Beata Pasieka, Halyna Czechowska, Ola Polanski and Iwona Kowal, is a well known musical group from Toronto. It has appeared also at Lemko Vatras at SUM - Ellenville, NY and Zdynia, PL in 2006. This, their long awaited first CD consists of traditional Lemko folk songs as well as four written by Seman Madzelan, all delivered in their unique modern interpretation. Accompanied on musical instruments by Vasyl Popadiuk and Viacheslav Trufanov.


  1. In the dark night : V temnu nichku
  2. Scythe : Tomu kosa
  3. Under the window : Pid oblachkom
  4. In the pasture : Pasla
  5. Violin, play for me : Zahraite mi husli
  6. Gypsy : Tsyhanka
  7. Dunayu, Dunayu
  8. As I walked : Khodyla Ya
  9. Trotting horses : Hej, kroczkom koni

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