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""Halytsky" Oldies but Goodies from the Austro-Hungarian occupied Galicia, produced in hAmerica in 1928-1930"

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Lemko/Rusyn CD's from the Slovak side of the political border, can be found here.

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Akcja "Wisla", 2004. Film by Andrii Kopcha, now on DVD
In the original Lemko-Rusyn mixed with occasional Polish.
Operation "Vistula" 1947 - see the trailer on

An encounter between the leaders of Europe and the local politicians from the last village on the edge of the European Union.
The small Rusyn village of Osadne, Slovakia [population: 196]] is desperate to revive its dying population with bold, new ideas.
And so the mayor and priest visit Brussels institutions and the European Parliament. All in an attempt to put their village on the global map.
A modern Don Quijote Story.
In Rusyn w/ English subtitles.
Філм "Осадне" - русиньска бомба до світа {Бесіда 111, 6/2009, ст. 9}

OSADNE - see the trailer

Best documentary film at Karlovy Vary IFF 2009.
Осадне, Осадне, давно Телепівці
там Русины віки пасли своі вівці.

  • Lemko Wedding 1965

        Filmed on a single weekend at The Lemko Resort in Monroe, NY. This is an authentic and very unusual film and worth viewing as a historical document. The generation of amateurs that put this film together, while rehearsing for it for one year, their ability to recreate a pre-WW II wedding here in the States won't be duplicated, ever. Most of the volunteers are no longer with us.
    Language: Lemko. PAL and NTSC versions available.     1 hr, 50 min.       Preview at:

  • Stage receation of the Lemko Wedding, as it looked in real life before World War II, back in Lemkovyna.

         Staged about 10 years ago by Lemkos of Pidzamochok, a village near Buchach, Ternopil district/oblast.        1 hr, 35 min.

  • 5th Lemko Vatra in Bortne,1987

    Before Zdynia, there was Hanchowa followed by Bortne. Перед Ждынім, била Ганьчова а потім село Бортне.
    35 min long.       

  • Lemko Folk Costumes - Lemkiwsky Stroji

    Teodor Gocz from Zyndranowa describes Lemko laibyks, kabaty, zapasky, gorsety and chuhani worn by our ancestors, with their regional variations.
    Includes close-ups and scans of elaborate embroidery, color and B/W photos.
    Filmed on the premises of the Lemko Museum in Zyndranowa in July 2004. 90 min long.       

  • Nowy Sacz/Sancz - Skansen

    Festivities held there on July 17th, 2004. Consecration of tserkva/church, which was relocated fron now non-existant Lemko village of Czorne, followed by a concert given by Orchestra pw. sw. Mikolaja from Lublin and Julia Doszna

    90 minutes long.      

  • Epiphany/Jordan in Lemkovyna

    Features prepared by Julia Doszna for Polish TV on these religious traditions as they are still practiced in the "good old country".

    1 hr long.      

  • Christmas in Lemkovyna

    Features prepared by Julia Doszna for Polish TV on these religious traditions as they are still practiced in the "good old country". This is archival material from 1990.

    1 hr long.       

  • Gorzow Wielkopolski, 2003.

    11th annual observence of Lemko Culture. An indoor concert with appearances by Petro Trochanowski, "Kyczera", "Serencza" and others.

    1 hr, 25 min.       

  • Gorlice 2003

    Features celebrations in Zdynia and Gorlice on September 5/6, 2003 associated with the 9th anniversary of beatification of St. Maxim Sandovich and 20th anniversary since the Peremyshl-Nowy Sancz Orthodox Eparchy was restored.

    90 min long.       

  • Dla Siebie, Dla Innych/For Myself, For Others

    TV documentary showing young volunteers working on restoration of remnants of former Lemko cemetaries, mostly stone crosses.

    90 min long. In Polish.       

  • Etniczne Klimaty 2003

    Two part TV program about ethnic minorities in Poland, including Lemkos, and how they celebrate Christmas. Hosted by a former student from Guyana, now resident of Poland. I can't believe that he is speaking in Polish.

    90 min long.       

  • Radocyna 2004

    Showing condition of the cemetery and restoration work that is being performed by Fr. Roman Dubec, Orthodox priest from Gorlice. I filmed it during my visit in July and have included other views from throughout Lemkovyna, photos as a slide show.

    60 min long.       

  • 24th annual Vatra in Mychaliv, near Legnica, PL.

    Prominently featured in this annual folk festival, which was held during the first weekend of August 2004, is a local group "OKMEL", with appearances by Kychera and other participants.

    1 hr, 35 min.       

  • Talerhof 2004

    September 2004 visit by a busload of Lemkos from Poland to this infamous 1914-1915 concentration camp near Graz, Austria. (in Lemko).

  • Lemko Vatra 2004 in Zdynia, PL

    Highlights of a three day event, filmed in person by yours truly.

    4 CD set ($25), 5 hrs running time. (PAL also available).      

  • Pilgrimage to Mt. Yavir (Hora Jawir)

    Religious festivities of July 11/12th, 2004. Filmed in Hanczowa, Wysowa and on Mt. Yavir.

    2 DVD's ($15) (PAL also available).      

  • Olena and Teodor Worobli sing for you

    See this couple from Bortne and hear their favorite songs. Filmed in their home in July 2004.       

  • First annual festival of tradition and customs held in Jarabina, Slovakia on August 28th, 2004.

    Poznavaj a uchovaj tradicie svojich predkov.

    2 hr, 35 min.       

  • Moj Nikifor (My Nykifor), in Polish. 2004

    Krystyna Feldman portrays a well known "primitive" Lemko painter Epifan "Nikifor" Drowniak in this full feature commercial release.

    1 hr, 35 min.       

  • Gorzow Wielkopolski, 2004.

    11th annual observence of Lemko Culture. An indoor concert with appearances by Petro Trochanowski, "Kyczera", "Chudoba" and others.

    1 hr, 35 min.       

  • Pilgrimage to Mt. Yavir (Hora Jawir)

    Traditional annual religious event held July 12th, 2005. Filmed by yours truely on Mt. Yavir.

    1 hr, 30 min.       

  • Bilanka 2005, Persza Zustricz (First Reunion)

    First reunion of Lemkos from western Poland, who on July 21st, 2005 returned for one day to the village of Bilanka near Gorlice from where their ancestors were deported in 1947 under the infamous Operation "Vistula". This get-together is concluded by a short outdoor appearance by Julia Doszna who performs her latest hits, accompanied by two musicians.
    [Persza zustricz dawnych Bilanczan z "Ziem Odzyskanych" z teperesznima meszkanciamy toho sela. Pry kincy dnia wystupyla Julia Doszna pry akompaniamenti dwoch muzykantiw]. Udana impreza.

    1 hr, 30 min.       

  • "Pid Kyczerom". Legnica, July 5th, 2005

    Annual folk festival hosted by world renown Lemko folk ensamble "Kyczera". Besides "Kyczera", ethnic minority ensambles from Moldova, Ukraine, China and Slovakia make guest appearances.

    1 hr, 45 min.       

  • Bardejiv Icon Museum, 2005

    Video and a moving slide show presentation of this well known collection.

    1 hr, 15 min.       

  • Bilanka, July 17th, 2005. Holy Liturgy.

    Typical Sunday service conducted in the village's wooden tserkva/church by Fr. Pawliszcze, assisted by a small choir.

    1 hr, 15 min.       

  • Karlovac, Croatia. August 27th, 2005. Folk Festival.

    Annual folk festival. Appearance of the Lemko Folk Ensamble "Kyczera" is featured, along with representatives from Austria, Romania, Greece and Italy.

    1 hr, 35 min.       

  • Lemko Vatra 2005 in Zdynia, PL

    Highlights of a three day event, filmed in person by yours truly.

    1 DVD, 2 hrs running time. (PAL also available).      
  • Тіні забутих предків/Shadows of our forgotten ancestors

    In a Carpathian Hutsul village, Ivan falls in love with Marichka, the daughter of his father's killer. When tragedy befalls her, his grief lasts months; finally he rejoins the colorful life around him, marrying Palagna. She wants children but his mind stays on his lost love. To recapture his attention, Palagna tries sorcery, and in the process comes under the spell of the sorcerer, publicly humiliating Ivan, who then fights the sorcerer. The lively rhythms of village life, the work and the holidays, the pageant and revelry of weddings and funerals, the change of seasons, and nature's beauty give proportion to Ivan's tragedy. Based on Mykhailo Kotsiubinskiy's story. 1964. No English version available.

  • * * * ALSO AVAILABLE * * *

  • Bortne, 5th Vatra
  • "Lemkovyna" from Bilanka. Filmed in Rochester, NY, during ensamble's tour of Canada and the United States.
  • New York, NY. "Oslawiane" from Mokre during ensamble's tour of Canada and the United States.

  • 1989 1991
  • Zdynia, 9th Vatra
  • Gorlice, PL. "Отуманена"/Deceived" - a stageplay recorded in Gorlice on 2/11/2001. (in Lemko).
  • "Odtiate Korinia"/Severed Roots, a stage play produced by Andrij Kopcza in 1991 in Legnica, Poland. Life of a Lemko family and it's suffering from 1914 through 1947, starting with World War I, Russian presence after the Battle of Gorlice in 1915, arrests and exhile to the Austrian concentration camp in Talerhof, establishment of the new Polish administration, times of Ukrainian police "Sichovyky" administration of the area during World War II, "voluntary" resettlement to Ukraine in 1945-46 and the involuntary exhile (Akcja "Wisla") of 1947 to the former German territory in the West. 3 hrs. (in Lemko) (2 DVD's. $14.95)
  • "Vertep v Karpatakh"/Nativity in The Carpathian Mountains. Another undertaking on stage by Andrij Kopcza in 1991 in Legnica, Poland. 1 hr. (in Lemko)

  • 1993
  • Zdynia, 11th Vatra
  • "Zurawli" in Ukraine
  • Lemkos on Polish TV. Interviews, documentary clips...........
  • Akcja "Wisla", gen. Swierczewski. Controversial aspects of the general's death, documentary clips........... as aired on PolishTV

  • 1994
  • Canonization of Father Maksym Sandovich. This video includes biography of Saint Maksym, the first Orthodox Catholic saint of the Ruthenian/Rusyn people. The major sites and events of his glorification which occurred in Gorlice, Poland in September 1994 as recorded by the Polish TV crew (in Polish). DVD starts with another video material narrated by Petro "Murianka" Trochanowski in Lemko.

  • 1995
  • Zdynia, 13th Vatra

  • 1996
  • Mychaliw, 7th Vatra
  • Legnica, Europe without borders. Europa bez granic

  • 1997
  • Toronto, Lemko Vatra. Another annual event organized by Lemkos from Toronto and vicinity. Filmed by yours truely.
  • Legnica, 50th commemoration of Akcja "Wisla"

  • 1998
  • Svidnik, SK. "44th Makovytska Struna". Commercially released video "Spevy Moho Kraja". This annual folk festival started in mid- 1950s and is considered to be the oldest annual Rusyn folk festival.
  • Bortne, 70th anniversary of Return to Orthodoxy. 70-та річниця поверненя до Православія

  • 2000
  • Lemkovyna, my trip to UA, PL and SK
  • Ruskyj Kerestur, Serbia. World Congress of Rusyns
  • Zdynia, 18th Vatra. Highlights of a three day event, filmed in person by yours truly. 2 hr 40 min long,
  • Zyndranowa. Od Rusal do Jana.
  • Moja Florynka, with Yaroslav Trochanowski
  • 2002
  • Krynica, "Amal" - local Lemko school children Christmas stage play
  • Lemkovyna, my second trip
  • Zdynia, 20th Vatra + the annual Festival in Zyndranowa. Highlights of both events held in July, 2002.
  • Gorzow Wielkopolski. Days of Lemko Culture & Tradition hosted by Petro "Murianka" Trochanowski. Дні лемківской культури

  • 2004
  • Legnica. І swiat przyszedl do Lemkow
  • Zdynia, 22nd Vatra
  • Radocyna and local villages, a slide show
  • Perehrymka
  • Nowy Sacz - tour of local outdoor park, the skansen, along with an outdoor concert by Orch. sw. Mikolaja, Julia Doszna
  • Myscowa, Hora Yavir. Annual celebrations of Sts. Peter and Paul's Day. Hora Jawir - sw. Petra i Pawla
  • Mychaliw. Vatra
  • Mychal Zrolko - his funeral in Wierchomla Wielka. 5 XII 2004. Похорон Михала Зьролка в Верхомлі Великій.
  • Lviv, UA. "Anichka" concert at Krushelnytska Concert Hall
  • Bortne. Mr. & Mrs. Worobel sing for us. Вороблі, Мілька і Теодор, співают для нас
  • Gorzow Wielkopolski. Days of Lemko Culture & Tradition
  • Zakopane. Kyczera performs a Lemko Wedding and how Fedory were celebrated before WW II. Кичера одтварят лемківске весіла і Федори в Закопаним
  • Toronto, 19th Lemko Vatra

  • 2005
  • Wysowa. "Serencza" performs on an outdoor stage
  • Myscowa, Hora Yavir. Annual celebrations of Sts. Peter and Paul's Day. Hora Jawir - sw. Petra i Pawla
  • Gorzow Wielkopolski. Days of Lemko Culture & Tradition
  • Karlovac, Croatia. "Kyczera" performs at a local festival. "Кичера" выступат в Карловач, Горваця. 24-го VІІІ
  • Wisla, Zywiec, PL. "Kyczera" performs at a local festival. "Кичера" выступат в м. Wisla i Zywiec. 4-го VІІІ
  • Zdynia. 23th Vatra
  • Mychaliw. Vatra
  • Ellenville, NY. Lemko Vatra 2005
  • Zyndranowa. Od Rusal do Jana. 31 VII
  • Medjugorie, Bosnia. Presentation by Fr. Jozo Zovko, OMB. Live translation into Polish
  • Legnica. "Під Кичером"
  • Lipowiany, Croatia. With "Kyczera" at a local Rusyn Festival. З "Кичером" в Липовянах, Горваця в місцевих Лемках-Русинах

  • 2006
  • Donetsk, UA. Three features on Lemkos of this easternmost region of Ukraine

  • 2007
  • Zdynia, PL. 25th Vatra
  • Monastyryska, UA. 9th Lemko Festival, "Dzvony Lemkivshchyny"

  • 2008
  • Zdynia, PL. 26th Vatra
  • Monastyryska, UA. 10th Lemko Festival, "Dzvony Lemkivshchyny"
  • Borislav, UA. Lemko Kermesh/Festival held in an indoor auditorium because of rain. {2 DVD's}
  • Nahirne near Sambir, UA. Lemko Festival
  • Yaremcha, Bukoval, Kolomyja, Kosiv, UA. Visiting Boikivshchyna and Roman Kumlyk's Museum of Hutsul Musical Instruments in Verkhovyna/Zabie.
  • Luhansk, UA. TV Luhansk presents three shorts about the local Lemko community in the village of Peremozne
  • Peremozne near Luhansk, UA. 4th Lemko Vatra
  • Luhansk, UA. Interview with Petro Yasinchak, head of the Lemko Society in Luhansk. Petro Yasinchak was born in 1945 in the lemko village of Izby, near Krynica.
  • Zdynia, PL. 27th Lemko "Vatra"
  • Monastyryska, UA. 11th Lemko Festival, "Dzvony Lemkivshchyny"
  • 20th anniversary of the "Lemkivshchyna" Society concert held at the Lviv Opera Bldg on January 14, 2009.
    Львівська Опера, 14 І 2009 - Концерт - 20-ий юбілей ЛО Товариства "Лемківщина" - голова Тов. Володимир Ропецкий.
  • Lviv, UA. Celebration of 100th birthday of Bohdan Ihor Antonich. Event organized by Lila Tsikhon Plakhtij, member of the Lemkivshchyna Society of Lviv.
  • Lviv, UA. Concert at the Organ Hall given on 29 X by "Trio Maksymowycz" of Miami and ensemble "Lemkovyna" of Lviv
  • Members of the "Lemkivshchyna" Society of Lviv visit Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Ruski Kerestur/Kozur, Serbia. Congress of Rusyn Ukrainians with participation by members of the "Lemkivshchyna" Society of Lviv
  • Members of the "Lemkivshchyna" Society in Lviv visit Belgrade, Serbia
  • Svidnik, SK. 55th Festival of Rusyn Culture. Visit by members of the "Lemkivshchyna" Society of Lviv
  • Concert at the "Filarmonia" Hall, Lviv, UA to celebrate 40th anniversary of the ensamble "Lemkovyna" held in May, 2010 - 2 DVD set.
    40-річчя ансамблю "Лемковини" з села Рудно - концерт в лвів. Філармонї.
  • Third International Congress of Ukrainian Diaspora held in Lviv on 23-25rd June, 2010.
    Українська Дяспора - ІІІ Міжнародний Конгрес, Львів, Університет "Львівська Політехніка", 22-25 VI 2010.
  • Lviv, UA. June 30th, 2010. An Evening of Yulian Tarnovich presented by "Moloda Lemkivshchyna" university youth organization.
  • Monastyryska, UA. August 7-8th, 2010. 12th Lemko Festival, "Dzvony Lemkivshchyny".
  • Вечір Юляна Тарновича - Львів, 30 VI 2010, зорг. членами унів. студентів "Молода Лемківщина"
  • Lviv, UA. Кермеш при лемк. церкви Св. Володимира і Ольги в Шевченківським Гаю - 1 VIII 2010
  • Дмитро Блажейовський - концерт в Львівськім Буд. Опери з нагоди 100-го юбілею уродин - 21 VIII 2010
    Concert at Lviv's Opera Bldg to celebrate Rev. Dmytro Blazhejovskyj's 100th birthday on August 21st, 2010
  • Єґомосьць Дмитро Блажейовський [1910 - ] одправлят службу в лемк. церкви Св. Володимира і Ольги в Шевченківським Гаю - 22 VIII 2010
    100 year old priest, Dmytro Blazhejovskyj conducts liturgy at Sts. Volodymyr & Olha Lemko church in Lviv, UA on August 22nd, 2010
  • First Lemko "Vatra" held in Zabrid', r-n Velykyj Bereznyj, Zakarpattia, UA on September 4th, 2010 organized by the "Lemkivshchyna" Society of Uzhorod, UA
    Перша лемк. "Ватра" на Закарпаттю, Забрідь, Вел. Березівський р-н, організована місцевим обласним Тов. "Лемківщина", Василь Мулеса - голова тов.

  • 2011
  • 29th Lemko "Vatra" in Zdynia - 29-та Ватра в Ждыні {2011}

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