"Immigrant - "

Julia's latest CD is entitled "Immigrant."
This compact disc concentrates on immigrant songs that originated one hundred years ago, in pre-World World I days of large scale emigration from Lemkovyna, songs that are now nearly forgotten on both sides of the Atlantic.
The majority of the tunes are sung "po nashomu/po lemkivsky", in Julia's native Lemko language. In addition, two songs are in Ukrainian and one in the "Sharish" dialect of Rusyn. The CD also contains a booklet with full English translations of all the lyrics.
Through these timeless, unhurried and mournful ballads, Julia expresses the heartache of separation felt by early Slavic immigrants in North America, as well as by those who remained behind in Central and Eastern Europe.
Julia sings the tunes to the accompaniment of piano, violin, double bass and the rich orchestrations of composer/arranger David Libby.

* * *

Od roku, Julia pracuje nad repertuarem piosenek do nowej płyty pod angielskim tytułem "Immigrant". Tematem piosenek jest radość i żal doświadczone przez Lemków i innych emigrantów, którzy emigrowali „za chlebem” do Stanow Zjednoczonych i Kanady ponad sto lat temu, w większośći przed pierwszą wojną światową. Są to piosenki łemkowskie, ale są też dwie po ukraińsku i jedna z regionu Sarys na Słowacji. Płytka CD zawiera książeczke/wsuwkę z tekstami piosenek przetłumaczonych na język angielski.

  1. Track 01    Molytva - Prayer     2:14
  2. Track 02    Poletil bym na krai svita - I would fly to the end of the world     2:59
  3. Track 03    Svityt misiats nad horamy - The moon shines above the mountains    3:41
  4. Track 04    Dobre tomu v Amerytsi - One has it well in America    2:32
  5. Track 05    Bud zdrava zemlitse - Stay well my Homeland   3:41
  6. Track 06    Techeh voda, techeh - The Water flows and flows   3:58
  7. Track 07    Iak ya soi zaspivam - When I sing out    3:19
  8. Track 08     Moia zhena v starim kraiu - My Wife remains in the Old Country    3:20
  9. Track 09    Zakhodyt sonechko - The Sun is setting   3:04
  10. Track 10    Poikhal mylenkiy - My Love Has Gone   4:10
  11. Track 11    Chiya khata - Whose cottage is this?    2:39
  12. Track 12    Zaplakala matusenka - My sweet mother has cried   3:27
  13. Track 13     Tsneh mi sia za tobom - I long for you    3:27
I am accepting your orders for "Immigrant" at $14.95 for this shrink wrapped CD produced in the US in a limited quantity (plus $4.95/per order for shipping and handling). I highly recommend it based on the outstanding quality of the recording and effort that it took to bring this project to fruition.