Hyrowa, near Dukla, Poland

1. Partial view of tserkva of Patronage of B. V. Mary, built in 1870, after recent restoration.

2. View from another side.

3. Grave marker near the above tserkva.

4. Cemetery in Hyrova, after removal of vegetation.

5. Oldest inhabitant of Hyrova, Kaitan Fal', (~80 years old) (in center), with two "Hyrovianeh", currently of L'viv, Ukraine, name unknown (left) and Mikhailo Kostyk (right).

6. Same visitors from L'viv, with Kaitan Fal' (left) and his wife.

7. Recently built private house in Hyrova.

Photos taken in May 1997, by Mr. Yaroslav Zwolinski of Koszalin, Poland. Wife Jadwiga, daughter Ola-Yustyna, and Mr. Zwolinski, Koszalin, May 1996.


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Date Posted: September 8th, 1997
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