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IconДмитро Вікторович Байкєніч
ДИСЕРТАЦІЯ на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата історичних наук
Луганськ – 2013
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Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variation in the Boyko, Hutsul, and Lemko Populations of the Carpathian Highlands - A. G. Nikitin, C. M. June, C. M. Willis, and I. McBain. (2009)

Icon Some of the Lemko icons held in Sanok - ICONS/IKONY by Bosz s.c., Publisher.

Illustrated History of Lemkivshchyna

Лемківщина. Історико-етнографічне дослідження [The Lemko region: Historical and Ethnographical Studies], vol. 1, Material'na kul'tura -     Юрій Гошко, editor.

The Lemko-Rusnak Mountaineers and the national question in People's Poland

Materials in the Polish State Archives in Przemysl

Michna, Ewa "Łemkowie - Grupa Etniczna czy Naród"?, [The Lemkos: An Ethnic Group or a Nation?], a review by Prof. Paul J. Best.

Bibliography of works by     Bogdan Horbal

Sarah Latanyshyn, 2011. "Master's thesis - Literature Review on Lemko Music and Cultural Identity."

Małgorzata Misiak, "Lemkovien : un étranger totalement inconnu en premičre présentation", [ in French ].

Moscophilism among the Lemkos

The Carpatho-Slavic Studies Group of Southern Connecticut State University.

"The Lemkos of Poland" - Arrticles and Essays, edited by Paul Best and Jaroslaw Moklak

"The Lemko Region, 1939-1947 War, Occupation and Deportation" - Arrticles and Essays, edited by Paul Best and Jaroslaw Moklak

Poland and Political Life in Carpatho-Rus and among Carpatho-Rusyns in Emigration in North America: 1918-1939

Political Orientation Among the Lemkos in the Inter-War Period: 1918-1939

Roman Reinfuss , "Along the Lemko Trail" (Summary, in English)

Shevchenko Scientific Society (NYC) holdings,   Subject "Lemky" ...... and books written in Ukrainian ]....courtesy of BRAMA - Ukrainian Gateway.

Carpatho-Rusyn, Ukrainian and General Slavic Periodicals & Newspaper Titles available in the SLAVIC & BALTIC DIVISION, THE PERIODICALS DIVISION, AND THE BRANCH LIBRARIES, of the NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Village of Wisłok, by Rymanów/Rymaniv         Past and Present (1981)


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