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October 7, 1996 .                                                                    # 13 - 884/2 

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To Vice-Premier of Ukraine 

I. F. Kuras 


        Highly Respected Ivan Fedorovich! 


Fulfilling assignmment of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 05.09.96#17626/34 and from 25.09.96 #17626/34 we hereby transmit for observations and suggestions of ministries and departments a "Plan of measures in respect to resolving problems of Ukrainians - Rusyns". 


Enclosures: consisting of 5 pgs. 


                                                                   Respectfully yours, 

                                        First deputy to the Chief:         V. Troshchinskyj

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Plan of measures

in respect to resolution of problems of Ukrainian-Rusyns


1.     Clearly define and enunciate, relying on articles of the Constitution of Ukraine, in particular her Article #2, position of the Ukrainian State as for the eventual failure of any ideas of separatism or autonomy of TransCarpathia for any reason - from cultural, ethnic, to administrative-territorial. To delegate to embassies of Ukraine in Slovakia, Czech Rep., Hungary, and Poland, to organize a series of publications in countries of their assignment on the official position of Ukraine dealing with the question of Rusyns. To provide the embassies of Ukraine in these countries with necessary materials for publication. 


                                        Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, 
                                        Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, 
                                        National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 

                                        Year 1996 

2.     To implement a system of steps, directed at strengthening views that TransCarpathia is Ukrainian ( according to language,culture, people, etc.), integration of its population into the socio-political and spiritual-cultural vastness of Ukraine. To create an inter departamental section, empowered to coordinate activities of ministries and of departments on this subject. 


                                           Ministry of Culture and Art of Ukraine, 
                                           Ministry of Education of Ukraine, 
                                           Zakarpatska Regional Gov't Administration. 

                                           Years 1996-1997 

3.     Prevent conduct of local referendums with the aim of exposing "self-identification" of Ukrainians of Zakarpatya ( whether one is Ukrainian or Rusyn ). In principle there is lack of scientific accuracy in raising such questions. Also, based on the living tradition of the ancient self-calling oneself a "Rusyn", this can have an influence on the results of these so called surveys, and then subsequently have political interpretation in its aftermath ( a similarsurvey conducted in Eastern Slovakia gave so called "legal basis" for claims that Rusyns of Slovakia form a separate nation ), 


                                           Zakarpatska Regional Government Administration.


4.     To create a permanent interdepartmental section for coordination of study dealing with the problems of rusynism.


                                           A National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 
                                           Ministry of Education of Ukraine, 
                                           Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine, 
                                           State Committee of Ukraine dealing with 
                                           Nationalities and emigration. 

                                           Year 1996. 

5.     To conduct a scientific examination and to bring in necessary specifications to projects listing nationalities and languages with the aim of development on this basis of the final variant of dictionaries for nationalities and languages of Ukraine. 


                                           A National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 
                                           Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine. 

                                           Year 1996.  


6.     To implement scholarly treatment, with subsequent wide dissemination of ethnic, linguistic, cultural and political aspects of history of ukrainian-rusyns of Zakarpatia as composing an integral part of the Ukrainian ethnic group. 


                                           A National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 
                                           Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

                                           Years 1996-1997. 

7.     To take full advantage of authority, issued to members of local self-governments in compliance with chapter XI of the Constitution of Ukraine, and also according to the Law of Ukraine "About the principles of self-government in Ukraine" ( after its confirmation by the Supreme Rada of Ukraine ) with the aim of settling of language-cultural problems of regions within the authority of Representatives of local self-government within Zakarpatska oblast.



                                           Representatives of local self-government 
                                           within Zakarpatska oblast, 
                                           Zakarpatska Regional Government Administration. 



8.     To implement a system of steps in respect to ideology, materiel, personnel and culture in support of Ukrainian communities of Eastern Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Yugoslavia and Poland, corresponding to the authorized level of assistance. 

                                           Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, 
                                           State Committee of Ukraine dealing with 
                                           Nationalities and emigration, 
                                           Ministry of Information of Ukraine, 
                                           Society "Ukraina". 

                                           Years 1996-1997. 
9.     To augment dissemination within mass media of materials dealing with Zakarpatia, stressing that this region is a primordial Ukrainian soil, and the local Ukrainians - compose an integral part ofthe Ukrainian nation. 

                                            Ministry of Information of Ukraine,
                                            State committee for Television and Broadcasting of Ukraine. 

                                            Years 1996-1997. 

 10.     To implement a preventive style of enlightenment work with the leadership and activists of the movement for "political rusynism", aimed at prevention in the spread of its dominance, and to avert creation of political structures with expressly stated separatrist orientation.To apply to members of unregistered regional "Society of PidKarpatyRusyns", and created by it of the so called "temporary government", appropriate administrative and criminal measures allowed by the law (article187-8 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Apply administrative measures to functionaries of registered within this oblast, of all district and urban cells of the "Society" ( incl. Uzhorod, Mukachevo, Svalyava ) in case of them violating demand of the Law of Ukraine "About organizing of citizens". 

                                               General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, 
                                               Ministry of Domestic Affairs of Ukraine, 
                                               Zakarpatska Regional Government Administration. 



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This document was translated into English from Ukrainian by W. Maksimovich

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