A historical shematism is a survey which covers a certain span of time and offers a spectrum of facts which put those facts into perspective. The basic information for such a survey necessarily depends upon records which were either published or at least kept in various archives.
For the Eparchy of Peremyshl, such records are not always easy to find. The eparchy and the Apostolic Administration of Lemkivshchyna disappeared from the maps after the ethnic cleansing of the 1940's, and a strong attempt was made to make them also disappear from historical memory
The present work a historical shematism of the Eparchy of Peremyshl and the Apostolic Administration of Lemkivshchyna, covers the period from 1828 to 1939. It is to a great extent based on information from the shematisms of Peremyshl which were published in those years, many of which are not easily accessible to the general public. It gives information about deaneries, parishes, church buildings, priests and statistics of the faithful, with additional information when it was possible to collect it.
Of the churches under Polish domination very few escaped destruction or occupation by Latin rite or Orthodox congregations. The map included at the end of the book shows where these churches were in 1939, with outlines of the deaneries as they were in that year. It is a memorial cemetery map of deaneries and churches. It gives a picture of the extent of Ukrainian territory on which Ukrainian people for centuries had lived, and the churches where they prayed under the leadership of their priests. The long annotated list of priests in the book are memorial lists, since most of their and their parishioners' graves and records have been destroyed.
The present work is a history of the past. People who forget their past do not deserve a future.

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