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         Monumental work by Bohdan Huk, see for info on Lemkovyna.

    A village cluster / concentrates on Lemko villages of Pielgrzymka, Klopotnica, Folusz and Wola Cieklinska

    Blechnarka Project, dedicated to people whose roots are from villages of Blechnarka, Wysowa and Ropki of Lemkovyna/Lemkivshchyna.

    Byzantine Catholic (Greek Catholic)     Church in Slovakia.

    Canadian Lemko Association - ' (O)

       The Carpathian Connection             

    Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base by Greg Gressa [back on the air]

    Carpatho-Rusyn Society

    Growing up in a Carpatho-Rusyn family on Bald Mountain near Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania during the 1920's and 30's,
          by Roland Anderson, Svensko. Steve Simkovich's site on Carpatho-Russians (Carpatho-Rusyns)

    Eastern Slovakia - Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogical Research - Lemkowyna - ,          "If you remember then you exist"         

    Museum of Ukrainian - Ruthenian Culture in Svidnik.

        " ".

       The Lemko dating site - - Our people             

    John Magyari's site dealing with the village of "/Lipowiec" which lied north of /Czeremcha. Neither village survived the military Operation code named "Akcja Wisla" in 1947.

    The Organization for Defense of Lemko Western Ukraine, Inc. New York - (OO)

    - .       Valerii Padiak Publishing in Uzhorod.

    Pravoslavna cirkev na Slovensku / Orthodox Church in Slovakia

    Pravoslawna Diocezja Przemysko-Nowosadecka Orthodox Diocese of Przemysl-Nowy Sacz.     (in Polish)

    Rusini Slovenska       Rusyns in Slovakia.    

    Rusyn International Media Center

    Rusyn Villages Under the Dukla - History, culture, and genealogy of villages northeast of Svidnik to both sides of the Dukla Pass

    Soyuz Rusinoh Ukrajincoh Serbii RUSini UKrainci. Novi Sad, Serbia.

    Stowarzyszenie Lemkow, (SL) - (), Legnica, PL.

    George Warholic's site about his grandparent's village of, Strubowiska

    Andrzej Patrosz's's site that focuses on people from upper Ropa river valley, villages of Blechnarka, Wysowa and Ropki

    Wirtualna Lemkowyna      Pawla Korobczaka

    Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

    Zaproszenie w Beskid Niski     Bartek Wadas webmajster.    (in Polish)   

    Zjednoczenie Lemkow, (OL) - ' (), Gorlice, PL.


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