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Skiing became a popular sport in Rymanów and its vicinity in the years between the First and the Second World War. In the beginning there were just a few individual talented enthusiasts of the sport not associated in any clubs, and later the widespread activity of athletic clubs and organizations gave momentum to this new development. Many young skilful individuals experienced their first success and failure during sport competitions, and when training, overcoming weaknesses and enjoying the glory of victory. Those people left behind the memory of their achievements, which were very often a result of their voluntary work for the benefit of the whole community. The history of skiing presented in the article contains details valuable both for those who made the history, as well as for those who only witnessed it happening. If somebody's contribution has not been acknowledged, the author will be grateful for any comments or suggestions.

Jan Materniak
Zygmunt Pelczar

The article presents the person of Prelate Mieczyslaw Materniak, as well as his preaching, social and educational activity. Those who used to know the prelate remember their collaboration with him and pay their respect.

Tadeusz Lopatkiewicz
Students of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts at their excursion to the Sub-Carpathian region in 1890. In the last decade of the 19th century the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts, headed by Jan Matejko, organized three excursions across the outer regions of Polish Galicia. Their objective was not only to make the students familiar with the historical sites of the region, but also to prepare basic sketches of some works of art and to teach the young artists how to draw from nature. Each of the three expeditions had Wladyslaw Luszczkiewicz, the school professor and director of Cracow National Museum, as its supervisor and tutor of the group. Luszczkiewicz prepared detailed reports from the trips, including the route, personal data of the participants and the list of historical sites that were visited and drawn or photographed.
The first excursion took place in 1889 and encompassed the historical sites of the Sądecki region, as well as the town of Biecz and its vicinity. A year later the second trip followed. This time it set off from the town of Krosno, to Rymanów, Sanok and Chyrów, down to the vicinity of Dobromil and Fulsztyn. The route of the third trip in 1891 focused on the Rzeszów region.
During the 1890 excursion Professor Władysław Luszczkiewicz was accompanied by six students of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts: Józef Mehoffer, Stefan Matejko (Jan Matejko's nephew), Władysław Maślakiewicz, Celestyn Czynciel, Karol Antoni Maszkowski and Sylweriusz Saski.
The unpublished sketches from the 1890 excursion have not been completely dispersed across the country. In the course of an in-depth query, four sketches of the 19th century town of Rymanów were found in the public archives, among other items. The four drawings are presented for the first time to the public, and are an important iconographic source of knowledge on the artistic and architectural past of the town.

Anna Węglorz - Stempin
Our next meeting with nature brings us closer to the tiny biting insects called ants. We sometimes see them running about in various directions, as if aimlessly. We pass them by indifferently, we do not notice their little hills. In spite of what we think, ants are very interesting creatures. Still it is not enough to watch just a single ant, you need to observe the whole colony in order to see it
working as one organism with specialized functions and complex structure. Moreover, ants are social creatures, able to act altruistically.
At the same time they play a very important role in the ecosystem in which they live. They are often referred to as "the nurses of the forest". The law protects them.

Elżbieta Nadziakiewicz
Paweł Kinelski

The article begins with a brief history of the school in Posada Górna, since its establishment in 1875 as one-class People's School, up to this day. At present the school operates as one of the State Schools, and is attended by students from the towns of Posada Górna and Rymanów Zdrój. The State Schools in the vicinity include the gymnasium and the primary school as well as two affiliated schools in Rymanów Zdrój and Rymanow Zdrój-Deszno. At the moment there are almost 500 students attending the state schools. The overall number of school staff amounts to 41 well qualified
and experienced teachers, able to maintain high level of teaching.
The article then follows with detailed description of preparations for the ceremony of naming the school after Anna Potocka nee Działyńska, and all the accompanying events. The ceremony took place on the day of 75th anniversary of the patron's death that is on June 2, 2001.
The last part of the article is devoted to students' achievements in the academic year 2001/2002. Their accomplishments place the school among those highest-ranking state schools in the Sub-Carpathian region.

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