(English translation of donors (partial list), which appeared in Ukrainian in the 12/07/1997 (49/2106) issue of the Ukrainian Weekly "Nashe Slovo", Warszawa, Poland). Original version - CP1251 standard - appears here. (wm)

For the iconostas(altar) and the repair of church
Sts. Apostles Peter and Paul in Krinitsia donated:

I. Kovalchyk (US) - $2000, The Organization for the Defense of Lemkivshchyna in America(1st Branch in New York)-$1125, T. Ropitskii (US) - $1000, The Organization for the Defense of Lemkivshchyna in America: M. Mitsio (Long Island) $500, B. Mikhailishyn (US)-$100, M. P. Terebetskii (US)-$100, father M. Mikhailishyn - $200, The Organization for the Defense of Lemkivshchyna (II Branch in Yonkers) - $500, O. D. Podberezniak (US) $500, Zluchenii Ukrainian American Dopomogovii Committee - $250, Federal Credit Union "SUMA", Yonkers (US) - $250, I. Kotliar (Passaic, US) - $200, Association of Ukrainians in America «Self-Reliance» (Passaic) $200, S. Ialan (US) $200, L. Kostechko (US) - $120, V. Vasichko (US)-$100, R. Glushko (US) - $100, S. Govanskii (US) - $100, P. Kotitula (US) - $100, M. Makukh (US) - $100, P. Okal' (US) - $100, P. Rusinko (US) - $100, V. Shchur (OOU SU - Yonkers. US) $100, I. Gonchak (US) $50, S. Dudra (US) $50, E. Goitsak (US) $50, 1. Mikhaliak (US) - $50, T. Ropitskii (US)-$50, V. Shchur (US)-$50, E. Tutko (US) - $40, Y. and M. Kitsiuki (US)-$25, V. Kozitskii (US)-$25, O. Kozitskii (US) $25, S. Gavriliuk (US) $20, P. Brenia (US)-$20, M. Sikora (US) - $20, S. Tutko (US) $20, L. Futala (US) - $20, P. Shkafarovskii (US) - $20, S. Brenia (US) - $10, S. Mamrosh (US)-$10, V. Mikula (US)-$10, I. Sakhar (US) - 10, I. Fetsitsa (US)-10, M. Patros (US) - $5

To all our current donors a heartfelt thank you. Your contributions are evidence love of your Mother country and show understanding of our difficult life amongst those who uprooted us from our native soil.
At the same time we appeal with request to all those that want to assist their brothers from Lemkivshchyna, and especially from Krinitsia, which again has got the opportunity to become her center. Donations can also be deposited to our parochial account in Krinitsia:

Parafia Kat. Sw. Ap. Piotra i Pawla Obrzadku Bizantyjsko-Ukrainskiego w Krynicy
ul. Zdrojowa 8, PKO Oddzial Krynica, nr 10203509-6015-270-1

Krinitsko-Krakivskiy deanery, father. M. Mikhailishyn

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