NOTE: The 1988 "VATRA" will be held on July 17, 18, 19th.

Celebration of Lemko Culture


From July 25th to July 27th 1997 in the village of Zdynia, near Gorlice, in the south-eastern part of Poland called Lemkivshchyna, celebrations of 15th annual LEMKO VATRA will take place. It is sponsored by the "Union of Lemkos in Poland". On the agenda of this three day event are performances by nearly 30 folk ensembles from Poland, Ukraine, and the Slovak Rep. - including ensemble "Kichera", altogether about 1,000 performers.
This year's LEMKO VATRA will take place 50 years after a shamful event in the Polish history commonly refered to as "Action Wisla/Vistula" occured, which was conducted by the Polish authorities in 1947 as the concluding step in the deportation of the Ukrainian ethnic group from their ancient lands: regions of Lemivshchyna, area near River San, Pidlashya/Polesie, and Kholmshchyna.

Therefore the artistic part of VATRA will also commemorate that event.

This open to all event, which will be attended by a crowd of several thousand people, will be held on a side of a hill, among an enchanting mountain scenary, will permit Lemkos as a Ukrainian ethnic group, to maintain during these three days their attempt in preserving their cultural, social and neighbourly relations. In addition, it allows others social groups to acquaint themselves with our culture and tradions. LEMKO VATRA received recognition from the International Center for Promotions (? - wm).
Organizers of the event will provide ventue for this event, along with necessary gastronomic and sanitary infrastructure. One is able to made advance reservations at the following hotels:

in Gorlice - /26 km from Zdynia/:

- LIPSK - tel. from the U.S. - 011-48-18-522760

- Teacher's Home/(Dom Nauchitsiela) - ph. 011-48-18-535231

- BVá - ÔÅÌ. 011-48-18-520618 (high standard).

in Vysova - /22 km from Zdynia/:

- CHEMIK (Khemeek) - tel. 011-48-18-512311 (ask for extension 18 or 90 (high standard).

Early reservations are highly recommended!

organized by: Union of Lemkos in Poland



tel/fax: 011-48-18-521239

Zjednoczenie Lemkow

ul. Hallera 20/19



38-300 Gorlice



woj. Nowy Sacz






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