Lemko Ensemble "Studenka" - from Kalush by Ivano-Frankivsk

"Spivayeh Studenka"

  1. Track 01    Dai nam, Bozhe, v dobriy chas.     2:43
  2. Track 02    Sered sela stoyit hrushka.     1:23
  3. Track 03    Uchko, zelena.    2:45
  4. Track 04    Od buchka - do buchka.    1:44
  5. Track 05     Myla moya rozmayita.    2:59
  6. Track 06    Shtyry utsi shuty.    1:42
  7. Track 07    Oy, tam v lisi.    3:38
  8. Track 08     Shkoda, Bozheh, shkoda lisa zelenoho.    2:08
  9. Track 09    Mav ya kokhanochku.    5:32
  10. Track 10    Pid oblachkom.    3:03
  11. Track 11    Tam v horakh Karpatakh.    2:46
  12. Track 12    Potryaska.   1:23
  13. Track 13     Drazhka vysypana....    1:35
  14. Track 14    Horila lypka    1:26
  15. Track 15    Ty zozulenko.    3:34
  16. Track 16    Yak ya soy zaspivam.    2:52
  17. Track 17     A v nashym sadi.    4:35
  18. Track 18     untitled    3:12

    Words to track 18:

    Lemkos, Lemko brothers,
    evil was done to us.
    That all of us Lemkos,
    Were evicted out of the Carpathians.
    From the Carpathians
    they forced us out,
    all over the world.
    Now it is difficult for us
    to be with one another
    We have become scattered,
    like birds from the nest,
    and we will never gather again.
    Our Lemkivshchyna,
    Has overgrown with a thick forest
    No one knows about this,
    Except for God himself.
    No one is aware of this,
    And no one wishes to know.
    How long will Lemkivshchyna,
    Continue to be overgrown by the forest
    Overgrown have our paths become,
    With thick under brush,
    Where we walked barefoot.

    Where we went for walks,
    But won't ever do it again....
    Our Lemkivshchyna,
    we will never return to you again.

    I yearn for you, my land of the Lemkos………………………

    "Studenka" at Vatra 2002 in Zdynia.

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