Road Atlas of Ukraine
Street Maps of Downtown Kyiv
South-Eastern Corner of Poland/Lemkivshchyna

This CD contains an interactive Road Atlas of Ukraine as published, i.e., maps of Ukraine are in Ukrainian. Road Atlas of Ukraine contains a built-in localities search engine consisting of 13,500 villages/town/cities. No claim is being made that every tiny hamlet has been included, for that one needs a scale of 1:100,000.

For full appreciation of Road Atlas of Ukraine, Netscape v4.04/Ms Internet Explorer v4 browsers (or newer versions), with "JavaScript enabled" are recommended. The scale of each map is 1:500,000 at a scanned resolution of 100 dpi. Each Individual Map Grid is approx. 1,100 pixels wide by 2,000 pixels in height (5 1/2" x 10 inches) in a highly compressed JPG Format to reduce on downloading time while still making them readable. Each centimeter on these maps corresponds to 5 kilometers, or 1 inch equals approximately five miles.

Lemkivshchyna consists of high resolution 1:100,000 maps of the southeastern corner of Poland, with a small encroachment into Ukraine and the Slovak Republic. The Headquarters of the Polish Army, Cartographic Division, Warsaw, released these maps for public use in 1994. Each centimeter corresponds to 1 kilometer, or 1 inch equals approximately one mile. On individual maps, the grid is 2 km x 2 km.

This is a joint undertaking of Walter Maksimovich ( and Andriy Medynets of Kyiv, who helped with technical/computer related implementation of various features.

This single CD is available at US$19.95 (includes shipping).
Contact me/Walter Maksimovich if you wish to place an order.

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