Lemko CD's

"Lemko Folk Music On Wax Cylinders and American Records (1901-1930)"

"Anichka" - sung by Anna Cheberenchyk of Lviv     Lemko folk songs, modern beat. (Lviv 2000)     

" "/Duet "Chervone ta Chorne"

"Tam na Lemkovyni" - sung by Julia Doszna     Lemko vocals, no musical accompaniment. (TK 2000)     

"Choho plachesh/ " - sung by Julia Doszna     (2002)     

"Immigrant - " - sung by Julia Doszna     (2005)          Icon

"Hetaj - hetaj" - by Kapela Drewutnia from Lublin.     Lemko/Polish/Ukrainian vocals.   (1998)

"Hojaja szuhaja" - by Kapela Drewutnia.     Lemko/Polish/Ukrainian vocals.   ( 1999)

"I od sie - i do sie" - by Kapela Drewutnia from Lublin    Lemko/Polish vocals, Evelyna Hraban - lead singer.   ( 2001)

"Hej Wista" - by Kapela Drewutnia     Lemko/Polish vocals, Evelyna Hraban - lead singer.   ( 2004)      Icon

"Kapela Lemkowska od Komanczy"     (Instrumental, released in 1999)     

K A R P A T I A - (2003)

CD of the Lemko Ensemble "Kychera " from Legnica, in western Poland.

CD of the Lemko Ensemble "Kychera 2 - Piesni Lemkow/Za horamy za lisamy....." released in August 2003      Icon

Lemko - Ukrainian Folk & Wedding Songs

"Lemko Wedding - Lemkivskieh Vesilia - 1928/29"

"Lemko Wedding - Lemkivskieh Vesilia      1965 movie soundtrack"     Icon

"Lemko Recordings of 1928-1930"

"Lemko Recordings of 1928-1930, vol. 2"

"Lemko Recordings of 1928-1930, vol. 3"

Lemkowska Skladanka - Compilation of Previous Material. (2003)     

CD of the Lemko Ensemble "Lemkovyna" released in Poland in 1997.

OKMEL (2003)     

CD of "Orkiestra p.w. sw. Mikolaja" made up of Maria Curie-Skladowska University students from Lublin.

CD of the Lemko Ensemble "Oslaviane" from Mokre contains 29 songs.

CD of the Lemko Ensemble "Oslaviane" based on their audio cassette.

"Pid Oblachkom" - well known group from Toronto     (2006)          Icon

"Poloniny" - - - piesni Bojkow i Lemkow.

Slowianski Chor Fundacji Rutenika - Ridna Lemkowyna.... (2003)     

"Z hir i pid horu" (2000)-   by Serencha, a young group from Gorlice, with great potential. (Big hit at VATRA 2000!)     

"Pid Oblachkom/Under the Window" -   by Serencha, (Sept. 2004)     Icon

"Spivayeh Studenka" - by the Lemko ensemble "Studenka" from Kalush/I-F, Ukraine.       (I met them at Vatra 2002 in Zdynia)

CD of the Ensemble "Werchowyna" from Warszawa contains 20 songs.

CD entitled "National and Ethnic Minorities along Polish eastern border"

"Vesna - "      (2000)     -     (Along the green roads)

Youth Ensemble "WERETENO" from Losie. (2003)     

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