Kapela Drewutnia - Lublin

"Hojaja - Szuhaja"

The folk group "Kapela Drewutnia" was created in 1997 by five musicians. We sing and play songs which we arrange ourselves so as to preserve faithfully their traditional melody and text: so simple and up-to-date. Our instruments include an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar, flutes, two violins, sopilkas (Ukrainian flutes), a mandolin, a balalaika, an accordion, a tambourine, and a drum. So far we have produced two albums: "Hetaj, Hetaj" (1998), "Hojaja Szuhaja" (1999) and "Od sie, do sie" (2001). They consist of songs which belong to the folklore of the various nations and ethnic groups which used to live together on the territory of the II Polish Republic (1918-1939): the Poles, the Lemkos (people who inhabited the Beskid Niski region, in the south of Poland, before their forcible resettlement in 1947), the Ukrainians, the Slovak Ruthenians, the Belorussians, the Lithuanians, and the Russians. We have learnt these songs from our parents, we have come across them while back-packing through Polish villages, we have heard them by campfires. Listening to this album you will learn about a youth who took the Tsar's sword for his bride, and about Nastusia - a young lass who searched with fishermen for her wreath. You might be touched by the regretful song of a Lemko conscript who did not want to join the army, and by a sorrow-stricken lad brooding over his love under a sycamore. You may take as a warning the song of Iwanko's futile wooing, for he could not win Halusia's heart even though for her he became a periwinkle. These songs tell us what happened in countryfolk's hearts, in their cottages and bedchambers. Let's gently push the door...

  1. Pasla Hantsia pavy   Track 08    2:52