CD of the Lemko Ensamble "Oslaviane "

from Mokre contains 29 songs. This CD was released in 1997 in Poland.

  1. Pid kamianym mostom (Under a stone bridge) - in the Lemko dialect

  2. Kukala zozula (Cookoo bird) - in the Lemko dialect

  3. Popid Makovytsiu (By the Makovytsia mountain) - in the Lemko dialect

  4. Ta tuman yarom kotytsia - in Ukrainian

  5. Mam ya harnu zahradechku (I have a pretty garden) - in the Lemko dialect

  6. Ei krochkom koni (getty up, horses) - in the Lemko dialect

  7. Karichka - Lemko dance

  8. Oi zhyvot mene bolyt ( I have a stomach ache) - from Polisiah district

  9. Oi tam u Lvovi (One time in Lviv) - in Ukrainian

  10. Bodai tia miy myliy ( I wish you my dear....) - in the Lemko dialect

  11. Oi tam divchynon'ka (A girl over there) - in Ukrainian

  12. Drazhka ( A road) - in the Lemko dialect

  13. Parubochok yak dubochok (A bachelllor just like an oak tree) in Ukrainian

  14. Ya sy khlopets' vid Sambora (I'm a fellow from Sambir) - in Ukrainian

  15. Od Komanchy (From Komancha) - Lemko instrumental

  16. Yak ya sy zaspivam (When I sing) - Boiko instrumental

  17. Hey, zeleniy hai (A green grove) - Lemko instrumental

  18. Tykha voda (Calm waters) - Lemko instrumental

  19. Prykarpatski - Carpathian dance (instrumental)

  20. Oy chorna ya sy chorna ( I'm of dark complection) - in the Boiko dialect

  21. Kazala mi mama (My mother told me) - in the Boiko dialect

  22. Sontse nyzko, vechir blyzko (The sun is setting, the evening is near) - in Ukrainian

  23. Oy letily huson'ky (The geese were flying) - in th