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To cast a handful of light on these Carpathian Lands - I wished a long time ago.

Especially at a time, when all types of individuals not familiar with genuine Lemko subjects, with their peculiar lifestyle, cast their own opinions, on the origins of the Lemko "tribe", I consider this short work to be unavoidable. Furthermore, strictly speaking, a scientific work dealing with history of Lemkovshchyna, has so far not been produced.

Ukrainian Land on Lemkivshchyna - as seen through centuries; Lemkivshchyna, together with other Ukrainian regions, frequently changed hands; different nationalities climbed its hills, countryside was flexing under them, sometimes soaking in blood, Lemko was bending under the weight of foreign encroachments - but he was able to survive.

Undoubtedly, our Lemko brothers were subject to different influences, and because of this process acquired certain foreign characteristics, but essentially speaking - Lemko from time immemorial remains a Ukrainian.

I myself felt lost, but the truth and yearning after your own people, which I have preserved in my heart, brought me back to reality.

I'm proud of my native Lemko region. I used to find in the Lemko "hut" enorm ous treasures. They consisted of: national honor, crystal clear characters, adamant hard will to compete in the name of greater Truth.

I'm not looking for recognition or fame - because to prepare a cultural work for the Nation, I consider my moral public responsibility.

- "Remember, don't feel ashemed of your Ukrainian name!" that's how taught us, at the Sianik (Sanok) gymnasium, our dear and unforgotten katekhit, father dr. Roman Reshetilo.

The aim of this modest work - is to be a partial solution to the wandering wheel, that this carpathian region finds itself in.

My single wish; that this short work would lead others to a better scientific interest in the Western Ukrainian Lands.

At this point I wish to thank dr. prof. Ivan Kripyakevich for sincere assistance; polite assistance to the direction of this work, and disclosure of appropriate sources, which helped in my assignment. I'm also mentioning, that dr. prof. Mikola Chubatiy, with his own endless love for work, read the entire manuscript, for which I offer him sincere thanks. Concluding, I'm grateful to my dear friend Ivan Kovalik (holder of a master degree) for translation of a manuscript, and assistance in typesetting. Separately, it's my pleasant task to mention at this point, that for the decoration of this book with sent in photos, or ready negatives, contributed father Ivan Bugyera (Milik), f. Petro Andryeychik (Viyshkye), f. cat. Mikola Holovach (Boshko), f. Mikhaylo Horechko (Tseklinshka Volya), f. Karlo Sal'o (Mshana), f. Tyeodor Khomko (Kal'nitsya), f. Andriy Zlupko (Hladishiv), f. Mikhaylo Vesolovskiy (Hirova), f. Mikhaylo Horoshko (Yablonitsya), f. Orest Venhrinovich (Siniv), f. Vasil' Seredovich (Turkns'ko), f. Ivan Kachmar (Zlots'kye), f. Aleksiy Davidovich (Hrab), f. Dmitro Stupak (Zindranova), f. Ivan Titar (Han'chova), well respected dr. Markyan Dzerovich, holder of master degree Lev Bukatovich, dr. Ya. Fal'kovskiy, Stefan Varkholyak, Mikola Maliy, Ivan Yaremko, dr. Bohdan Hnatevich and dr. Omelyan Volinets'.

Lviv, August 1935

Yulian Tarnovich

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