Nativity of the B. V. Mary

The tserkva in Zholobok is of two room design* and log construction. It falls under the protection of architectural antiquities, and has been used as a kostel by Polish Roman Catholics. It was refurbished in 1977.

* Another view of tserkva as it appears in Stanislaw Krycinski's "Cerkwie w Bieszczadach", 1991/1995.

Former wooden tserkva, was situated about 300 m east of the present one, in the fork of two brooks. It already existed in 1782. In 1914 an iron cross, on a concrete pedestal, was placed at this site; it's still there today. Present wooden tserkva, built in 1830, was abandoned and devastated after 1951. Until 1976 used as warehouse to store pine cones. Since 1977 serves as a filial Roman Catholic church. During conversion to church, the main frame of the iconostas was removed, while the altar was destroyed. In the Art Section of the Lantsut Museum/Palace one can see four 19th c. procession flags (khoruhvi), candlesticks, one icon of VM in the Endearment style (19th c.), all from this tserkva.