Nativity of the B. V. Mary


On March 30, 1873, Vasyl Mastsyukh was born in this village. On December 11, 1934 he was appointed as the Apostolic Administrator of Lemkivshchyna by Pope Pius XI. This separation of Lemkos from the rest of the eparchy was carried out at the request of the Polish government and the Polish Roman Catholic church. Most Rev. Vasyl Mastsyukh died on March 12, 1936 and is buried here (see photo). In the same cemetery is buried my grandfather Rev. Vasyl Smolyns'kyj who was the parish priest for several decades. The church shown on the photograph no longer exists as it was torched in the night after a visit by the then Polish Primate in 1975. The old tserkva was used by Roman Catholics, as is the new Latin kostel erected in its place. It should be noted that until W.W.II out of a total of 1250 inhabitants, only 11 were Polish. NOVA VES'