St Michael, The Archangel

The last tserkva was built in 1900. The iconostas from the previous tserkva was removed and placed on walls of the new tserkva. The new iconostas was assembled from fragments of at least two other iconostases of unknown origin, painted in the middle of the 17th c. After 1951 this tserkva is abandoned and devastated. The older iconostas was hauled away by unknown individuals. Most of the newer iconostas was also robbed. From 1976 tserkva was used as a Roman Catholic Church. It burned down completely at night on May 17, 1981. The concrete foundation has survived, along with crosses from cupolas and fragments of sheetmetal from the roof. Around the former site, old, mostly dead linden trees. The Museum of History in Sanok holds 5 icons from this tserkva. Fragments of the 17th c. iconostas are kept in the Tserkva Art Section of the Lancut Museum/Castle.
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