Epiphany of Our Lord


On November 8, 1821, Yosyf was born here into the family of the local priest Teodosiy Sembratovych. Yosyf studied for the priesthood in Vienna and Rome, and later became an assistant to Rev. Polyans'kyj, bishop of Peremyshl, in 1867. In 1870, Rev. Yosyf Sembratovych became the Metropolitan of Galicia in Lviv. Under pressure from the Austrian government Most Rev. Sembratowych abdicated in 1882 and moved to Rome where he died in 1896. The tserkva was rearranged and is now used by the Polish Roman Catholics. A Ukrainian painter-primitivist known a Nykyfor Krynytskyj (Nykyfor Dvornyak 1895-1968) was also born and is buried here. KRYNYTSYA SELO