Ivan Krasovskyi (Iван Красовський) - Historian, ethnographer, born on October 22, 1927, in Doshno, county Sianik (Sanok), on Lemkivshchyna. After graduating from Ivan Franko Lviv National University, faculty of history, became senior fellow at Lviv's Mueum of History (1957-1969), afterwards became head of the science department in The museum of National Architecture and Customs (Архiтектури i Побуту) (1969-1987). Has written over 500 articles, outlines, and reports, mostly on Lemko themes, plus research works. Of great scientific importance is a series of articles (1500 in all) "From History and Culture of Lemkos", which will form a foundation for the forthcoming "Encyclopedia of Lemkivshchyna".

He actively participates in international, all-union, and republic scientific gatherings and conferences. He's one of the founders of "Lemkivschyna Society in Lviv, and The Lemko Commission at The Taras Shevchenko Science Society.

Dmitro Solinko (Дмитро Солинко)- an engineer, painter, and social worker. Born on October 10, 1934 in Zhidivskye, county Yaslo, in Lemkivshchyna. After graduating in 1956 from Lviv's Forestry Institute, headed forest technology lab, thereafter an engineer and a shop foreman at a communications equipment factory. Since 1983 - head of Lviv's paper products factory. Also well known as a talented, independent painter. His paintings (landscapes, dead nature, and portraits) had been displayed at various exhibits. Chosen as assistant head of "The Lemkivshchyna Society". Appears in local publications.

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