Part 3, Section 13 - Lemkos Under Slovakia

The position of Lemkos in Slovakia was even worse. The Slovaks absolutely recognized no rights for Lemkos. When they revised their statistics, they unceremoniously converted every Lemko into a Slovak, and there was no appeal. Teaching in schools was entirely In Slovak. Cyrillic was replaced by Latin script, even in church documents and private correspondence. The Slovaks recognized neither the faith, nor the language, nor the script of the Lemkos. "There are no Rusnaks In Slovakia, only Slovaks" proclaimed Slovak politicians. But the Slovaks learned the truth of a principle: He who oppresses other people loses his own independence".

Originally appeared in the newspaper "Karpatska Rus'". Yonkers NY. Permission was granted by the editor for it to appear on The Lemko Page.

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Date Posted: August 27th, 1998
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