Part 2, Section 30 - Culture in Lemkovina

Throughout its history, Lemkovina has been a source of many stories, legends, proverbs, poems and songs. Lemkos are very musical and love songs. Lemko songs are extraordinarily melodious. Many Lemko melodies have been appropriated by their Polish neighbors. The sensitivity and sentimental nature of the Lemko, the picturesque scenery of his mountains, and, in addition, his passionate love for his own people and faith, as well as his hills, have given rise in Lemkovina to some profound poetry and lovely melodies. Reflected in these songs are the Lemko's joys and sorrows, his dreams, his yearnings, his customs and, above all, his deep patriotism.
It would be very desirable if some young Lemko would gather all these Lemko songs and publish them in print. Such a national treasure must not disappear.
The first books in Lemkovino appeared with the adoption of Christianity. They were written in the Cyrillic alphabet and the Old Slavonic language. These were liturgical books, the two testaments of the Holy Scripture, which were published and printed in Krakow and Kyiv.
To be continued

Originally appeared in the newspaper "Karpatska Rus'". Yonkers NY. Permission was granted by the editor for it to appear on The Lemko Page.

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Date Posted: March 23rd, 1998
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