Frank Romanick's grandfather Jerzy Romanick married Makryna Kaniuk, February 24, 1878 in Hanczowa, Poland. Her sister, Ksenia Kaniuk married John Bochnewych. Their daughter Anna Bochnewych married Seman Potocky. They have a daughter, Mary Potocky, who married Peter Durniak.
Mary Durniak is Frank's cousin on his father's side and Peter Durniak became a cousin to Frank when Peter's Grandmother, Julia Durniak married widower Konstantine Symochko. Frank's mother Mary Symochko Romanick and Konstantine were brother and sister. Isn't it amazing how we are connected?
Now back to Reverend Wladyslaw Kaniuk. He is a distant cousin to Frank. He is the Priest at the Orthodox Church in Hanczowa and the neighboring village of Wysowa.
During our visit to Hanczowa, Poland in June 1990, we attended the Sunday Church services at the Orthodox Church where Frank's mother was a member of that parish. The sermon by the young Priest Wladyslaw Kaniuk was devoted to Frank's parents who were the originators of Frank's life, his home and his family.
Reverend Kaniuk is married. They have one child and they live adjacent to the Orthodox Church in Hanczowa. Frank and Frances visited with Kaniuk's parents while they were in Poland.