Born in Dobiegniew, Poland on May 5, 1950 to Michael and Natalia (Peroh) Symochko.
John was the first child to be born to his parents. He brought them a lot of joy and happiness. He was christened in a Roman-Catholic church in Dobiegniew, Poland, and was a very good natured baby boy. John lived with his parents and his grandmother (Anastazia Rydzik - Mother of his mom) on a small farm in Dobiegniew. A year went by and his brother Stefan was born (he died at age of six months due to pneumonia).
At age of three, John being a very brave boy had his tonsils removed while his father held him on his lap. He spent three days in the hospital with his mom by his bedside. According to his parents the surgery had a big impact on his learning ability, because shortly after he became a very smart boy. Being such a young child he had no problem keeping a conversation with an adult.
One day in 1955, John's parents were relaxing on their back yard. John came up to them and told them about a real bad pain he had in his stomach. The pain went away in a s ort period of time, so they didn't think much of it. During the night the pain returned, so first thing in the morning they took him to the doctor, who diagnosed him with appendicitis and instructed them to go to the nearest hospital. Following the doctor's orders, John ended up having surgery the same day. His appendix was removed and everything went well. His mom was allowed to stay in the hospital with him over night. In the morning, the doctors, doing their daily routine after examining John, told his mom that he was doing very well. Shortly after, a nurse came in and gave John a shot. Ten minutes later John started to have a terrible reaction to it and started hallucinating. His mom chased after doctors and kept telling em that something was terribly wrong. The doctors without even examining him kept on reassuring her that everything was fine. Finally the nurse came in and noticed that there definitely was something wrong. She got the doctors to come in right away and examine him. They tried everything they could but it was too late. John died a couple of minutes later (June 14, 1955). John's father was at work during this time. He received a message from the hospital that there were complications and went to the hospital night away but he was also too late. They took their son's body home and arranged for his funeral. The whole school came to pay their last respects and to let him know how much he was liked by everyone. John at age of five rests in peace in a cemetery in Dobiegniew, Poland.


Born in Dobiegniew, Poland in March 1951 to Michael and Natalia (Peroh) Symochko.
Stefan was the second child to be born to his parents. His older brother, John was one Year old. Stefan was christened in a Roman-Catholic Church in Dobiegniew, Poland. During his very short life, lie lived with his parents, his brother, and his grandmother (Anastazia Rydzik - Mother of Natalia Peroh) on a small farm in Dobiegniew.
Stefan was a very happy and good baby. He liked to eat a lot. He was a little chubby but sweet looking blond baby boy.
Six months into his life, he got sick. His mom took a bus to take him to the doctor with her sister-in-law Anna (Symochko) Durkot. The doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia. He gave his mom a prescription for antibiotics and sent them home. Halfway home on the bus Stefan died in his mother's arms. Mom says lie looked like an angel lying in his little coffin. Stefan lies in a cemetery in Dobiegniew, Poland.