HUSBAND   Marko Symochko

Born 12/13/1903 Blechnarka   Austria
Married 1933 Yonkers    United States
FATHER - Hileyar Symochko Other Wives:
MOTHER - Tekla Hatala

WIFE        Eva Dzula

Born 1907 Brooklyn    United States
Married 1933  Yonkers   United States
Died 4/14/1984 Yonkers United States
MOTHER Other Husbands:

Marko's Grandfather - John Hatala, farmer, was born in Wapowa, Austria 1843. He died at 77 years in 1920 in Blekhnarka
Marko's Grandmother - Pearl (widow) was born in Blekhnarka in 1832. She died at 88 years in 1920 in Blekhnarka.
They had three children: two daughters, Tekla and Anna and one son, Theodore. He studied to become a priest. Illness prevented him from finishing his studies.
Theodore married Eva. They had two daughter, Anna and Eva. Anna married and had Five children; three sons and two daughters; John, Metro, Theodore. I do not remember the daughters' names.
Tekla Hatala, my mother was born in Blekhnarka in 1894. She died at the age of 68 in 1962 in Yonkers, New York.
Hileyar Symochko, my father, farmer was born - I don't recall. He died at the age of 47 at Old Forge Pennsylvania.
My Father left for America in 1882 for Pennsylvania. He worked in a coal mine but returned to Europe and married Tekla Hatala, my mother. They had five sons, Nick, Amroz, Roman, Marko, and John. Nick had no children. I don't know when lie was born or when lie died. Roman had no children. He died at 17 during the War 1914-1915. Amroz had four children, Anna, Michael, Tekla and Simon.
John had one son, Hileyar. I He spent Several years in America Returned to Blekhnarka where lie married Martha Mosuriak.
Marko, the fourth son of five, was born in Blekhnarka December 13, 1903. My mother left for the US in 1913 with Nick. I was left with my grandparents John and Pearl Hatala. I was a shepherd boy until I left for the US at the age of 17 in 1921 for Yonkers, New York on Mulberry St. to be with my mother and stepfather Antonio Leron who was in the US Army.
I worked in Jersey City for Colgate two years. I returned to Yonkers New York and worked at Alexander Smith Carpet Factory for five years.
I worked as a butcher boy with my brother Nick for 13 years.
I met and married Eva Dzula in 1933, in Yonkers, New York. I owned Marko's Bar and Grill Restaurant in Yonkers, New York and Marko's Wine and Liquor Package Store in Yonkers, New York. My wife and I worked together.
I retired in 1958 after three holdups. I traveled back and forth to Miami Beach, Florida for 38 years with my wife Eva, who was born in 1907, in Brooklyn, New York. She died April 14, 1984 in Yonkers, New York.
Since the death of Eva, I've resided with Natalie Andreko in Pompano Beach, Florida.