Have you ever wondered who you are? Who your people were, where they came from, what kind of lives they led and what kind of people they were. For you know that in you there was something of them.

Then we ask the question "Are You My Relatives?"

It was my late wife Frances who started this project. It was her idea to have a written record of the four basic families, two of her parents and two of my parents and then blend some 58 social and family histories that are connected to Frank and Frances into one vibrant project.

This project has attempted to compile all those family records into one book. No one source of information has proved to be a virtual "gold mine," but each little sparkle of information has been added together like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

The main thrust of this book is not to see how far back we could go beyond the biographical sketches of the four basic families in Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5, but to be complete as possible to the families that followed them.